I like listening to podcasts. Below are the ones I have subscribed to. I don’t listen to all of them. Most podcasts are interview based and I listen to them based on the guest.

Data Science#

  • TWIML – This week in Machine Learning. Good interviews.

  • Gradient Dissent – Lukas Biewald, founder of Weigths&Biases, interviews industry leaders who use deep learning in the real world.

  • Artificial Intelligence Podcast– Lex Fridman hosts accessible, big-picture conversations at MIT. Recent guests are Rajat Monga, Elon Musk and Ian Goodfellow.

  • Towards Data Science – More interviews.

  • De Dataloog – Dutch data science interviews.

  • Data skeptic– The host interviews leading people in the field and sometimes explains stuff in a similar setup as linear digressions, to his partner. Takes a topic and goes in depth over multiple weeks.

  • Adversarial Learning – Rarely releases, but good content. Co-hosted by Joel Grus who you may know from his talk about how he does not like notebooks, and the book Data Science From Scratch. He and the other co-host interview people in a casual setting.

  • Linear Digressions – Not releasing anymore, but has great content. It’s a 20 minute podcasts about various data science topics. The podcast is co-hosted by one data science manager and one web developer, where the former explains topics to the latter. It has a nice mix basic concepts, recent paper discussions, and data science’s impact on society. Episodes start with a pun.

  • Partially Derivative – Group of people discussing data science stuff over beers. They’ve stopped releasing for a while now, but you can still download their stuff. You might know one of the people Chisalbon(.com) who has a nice cheatsheet website and a cool set of flashcards.


  • Python Bytes – “Python headlines delivered directly to your earbuds” great update on new packages that you might otherwise miss. Has jokes at the end. Hosted by the people of Talk Python To Me and Test & Code.
  • Talk Python To Me – Michael Kennedy interviews people in the Python community. Good production quality.
  • Test&Code – Brian Okken interviews people about test driven development in Python.


  • The dollop – One comedian reads a crazy/funny story from history to another comedian.
  • The bugle – Satirical news podcast. Pun alert.
  • Harmontown – podcast of Dan Harmon, creator of the tv show Community which I really enjoyed.